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RemyRobotics is robotics solutions company that take the routine and inefficiency out of cooking.

The company is creating food robotics solutions that could be used for dark kitchens, kitchen factories, restaurants and other businesses where constant quality, adaptability to any recipe, and operational effectiveness plays major role.


A post-social media plarform

Create groups with people you love and share media-content in daily stories format.

Woven is a post-social media platform that encourages creativity and focuses on creating joy in the interactions you have with your groups. It’s about creating meaningful memories with the people you care about, not obsessing over views and likes.


The Real Estate Service

Service for monitoring homes that are for renting. Strong filtering, lots of homes. Working with licensed real estate agents to showcase their unique perspectives in the form of reviews for both neighborhoods and active properties for sale.

Provide intuitive, easy-to-use real estate sales platform to users. Vast opportunities for filtering through the offerings with real estate agents honest opinions.


Become a local media

Coronavirus, BLM actions, presidential elections in USA, Belarus and other countries – a lot of things happen and sometimes you’re asking yourself: “What the heck is happening? Is the world going crazy? Who can I trust?”. Our customer’s motivation was to create a free and comfortable space where you can share your photo & video content like local media to highlight what happens around you right now. Why not Facebook or Instagram? The answer is a map. See where everything actually happens on a map and share your news for the world.

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